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10 x T3.15A Genuine SIBA Fuses for Fluke 1651B 1652C 1653B 1654B


Pack of 10, T3.15A Fuses. Genuine Siba ref 70 065 65 or 189 140 For newer models of Fluke 1650 series multifunction testers

Time-lag acting fuses. Rated up to 500V.

They are not the cheapest fuses that will fit into your tester, but they will protect you against high energy faults, shorts etc...and also protect your warranty (fitting the wrong fuse will invalidate the Fluke warranty)

These fuses are 6.3mm x 32mm and fit into the fuseholder in the battery compartment of your Fluke 1651B 1652C 1653B 1654B

Always carry a pack of spare fuses, and you won't be caught out on site when you blow a fuse, drop your test tester, loose a fuse etc...etc...

Check the manual that came with your tester to make sure that you fit the correct fuse, older models take a 1A or 1.25 A fast-acting fuse

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