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100m R2/Bonding Test Lead Extension Reel - 112399381585 (1)
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100m R2/Bonding Test Lead Extension Reel - 112399381585 (1)


This is a very high quality 100m test lead extension reel. It is ideal for R2 testing and earth bonding tests.It is made in the UK, using one continuous 100m length of cable.The cable is class 5 flexible, fine stranded. The terminations are soldered and/or crimped to ensure maintained & long life low impedance.

Designed for connection to non-energised circuits (CAT 1) Intended use for 'dead' testing the continuity of circuits, protective conductors or bonding conductors.The reel is mounted on a metal tubular floor stand for easy one-man operation.

The connections are standard 4mm shrouded 'banana' type to match most standard test leads, lantern probes and R2 socket adapters. Female connector on the side of the reel, male connector at the end of the lead. We can supply probes or croc clips to go on the end of the lead if you require.

Best suited to the professional technician or somebody who does a lot of testing.

The listing is for one reel, please let us know if you have a colour preference for the cable, most colours available (incl. green, red, yellow, blue, brown, black, orange, pink......etc.....)