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Earth Bond Lead For Seaward, Fluke, Megger, Kewtech PAT Tester. Giant Croc Clip
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Earth Bond Lead For Seaward, Fluke, Megger, Kewtech PAT Tester. Giant Croc Clip


Replacement earth bond lead for PAT testers. The lead shown has a 4mm plug to suit most Seaward 1000, 2000, PAC500, Primetest 50. 100, 200, 250, 300, 350 PAT testers, Fluke 6200, 6500, Megger PAT320, 350, 410, 420, Parker Bell PB500, Simplepat, Battpat, Kewtech PAT testers and many more. If you tell us your PAT tester model we can make a lead to suit.

Made using ultra-flexible, fine stranded silicon test lead wire, standard 2m long, but we can make to any length for you.

Some models have two 4mm plugs instead of one...we can supply these at the same price.

We can also supply the type with the round XLR plug with 3 pins, for Seaward Nova, Supernova, Supernova+, Supernova Elite, Europa, Europa+, Metrel Omegapat/Betapat, Martindale EasyPAT etc... or with 1/4" jack for Seaward PAT500H

Please let us know what PAT tester you have when ordering. If you need a different lead, just ask, we can manufacture most types to special order.

The most common reason for PAT testers giving higher or erratic readings is the earth bond lead breaking down internally.

Because these leads carry high current (often over 30Amps) it is very important that they are manufactured using appropriately rated components and joints are mechanically robust.

Because these leads are used to measure very low impedance values, any small imperfections in their manufacture can give erroneous readings of 200% or more...if a joint is not properly crimped or soldered and torqued down, the impedance across the joint in the lead can be more than the impedance you will be trying to measure.

All our earth-bond leads are manufactured and tested to the highest standards..usually exceeding the specification of the original manufacturers lead.... They may not be the cheapest, but they are the best. 12 month warranty on all our leads.... if they fail for any reason please return them for a free repair and test.​​​​​​​