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Earthing Spike Test Kit, 4 spikes, 4 reels, Wenner Soil Resistivity + 30m Tape

This is the new 4 spikes, 4 reels, Wenner Soil Resistivity Testing version of our Earth Testing Accessory Kit, including a 30m measuring tape.

This kit can be used with most 3 or 4-terminal earth resistivity testers that accept standard 4mm plug connectors. (we can supply adapters to suit testers with screw type terminals). Fits Fluke, Megger etc...

We have redesigned the contents of this kit from the ground up (and below the ground as well!). We believe that we have overcome the shortcomings of other similar kits. This kit stands out from the other kits available for the following reasons:
  • The test earth rods are 400mm long, that is over twice the length of other kits, so will give lower and more accurate readings in problem soil conditions.
  • The test earth rods have 100mm long handles so that you can push and twist them into the ground, or drive them in with a mallet if necessary.
  • The test earth rods are made from copper coated steel, this will help to get lower and more accurate readings, giving a more representative contact resistance between copper and soil, whilst maintaining a great degree of strength for hard driving into difficult soils
  • The ends of the rods have been machined by lathe to accept the standard 4mm connectors on the cables supplied, just plug-in, no need to use croc clips.
  • The leads are supplied on handy reels to wind them neatly away without tangling them. The reels are labelled and colour coded so you know which rod to connect them to.
  • The cable used is Class 5 flexible type to help prevent tangles and kinks.
  • One end of the cable on each reel has a stackable connector (both male & female) so it can be connected directly into your earth tester or used with your original leads.
  • The lengths of cable supplied are calculated to allow earth testing in the proper manner, under most soil conditions. Two reels at 50M, two reels at 30M. This means that under problem soil conditions you can move the 'Current' and 'Potential' stakes farther away to get an accurate reading (Our leads are double the length of the leads in some sets). (Also, because we have used standard 4mm plugs instead of croc clips, you can fit extension cables under extremely poor soil conditions).
  • 4 short leads at 1.2m length to connect the reels into your earth test instrument
  • Wallet included to keep the small components together when not in use.
  • Also suitable for use with 2-terminal AND 3-terminal earth resistance testing methods.
We have loads of reference information on earth testing methods, and we can include a CD containing a good collection of reading material, reference documents and setup guides for earth testing, please ask if you would like a copy.

If you need a 2 spike set or a 3 spike set, please send us a message or see our other listings.