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In-Situ PAT Testing Kit. PAT Test without disconnecting
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In-Situ PAT Testing Kit. PAT Test without disconnecting


Kit to make 'In-Situ' PAT testing easy and more accurate. Can be used with any PAT tester to measure earth continuity between the appliance case and it's earth connection.

With this kit, you can do an earth continuity test on any appliance without powering it down, and without disconnecting it from the mains.

As well as normal appliances, this also works with permanently connected appliances, (even if they are wired through a spur unit).

1. Plug an adapter into a 13A socket, near to the socket feeding the appliance, and on the same circuit.

2. Plug an adapter into the 13A socket on your PAT tester.

3. Each adapter has an earth stud, connect them together using the lead supplied.

4. perform an earth continuity test using your PAT tester, (in the usual manner, with the PAT tester's earth bond lead connected to the appliance case).

The kit includes:

  • Two yellow earth-bonding adapter plugs,
  • One lead with large croc clips (on both ends),
  • Instruction leaflet

The adapters can also be used to test 13A extension leads, using your PAT tester.