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PAT Tester Calibration Checkbox. New, with Calibration
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PAT Tester Calibration Checkbox. New, with Calibration


PAT tester calibration checkbox.

Brand new, with 12 months calibration supplied as standard.

This allows you to quickly and easily check that your PAT tester is working properly. Just plug it into your PAT tester, fix the earth bond clip, run an earth bond test, and an insulation test.

This checkbox provides accurate and stable reference values of 0.1 Ohm (earth bond) and 1 Meg.Ohm (Insulation resistance).

The IEE Code of Practice for In Service Inspection & Testing, requires that you routinely check the accuracy of your PAT tester between calibration procedures. (You should still have your PAT tester calibrated every 12 months.)

We see many PAT tester's in our calibration lab, that are giving false readings, you can save many hours of abortive work by using this before each job. PAT tester's that give false readings can pass appliances that should fail, and you may not realise this until your next calibration.

The checkbox is suitable for most PAT testers that have a digital or analogue readout. The standard unit is not suitable for PASS/FAIL type PAT testers like the Seaward PAC500 or Primetest 50, we need to supply customised units to suit these PAT testers, same price, just let us know when ordering.