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PAT Tester's Ultimate Toolbox Kit, Adapters, Labels, Tools, Parts, Accessories

The ultimate PAT testing toolbox kit, including our most popular products, tools, accessories and consumables in a robust bulletproof toolbox.

The individual cost of these items would exceed £400, This set is an absolute bargain if you are just starting out in PAT testing, or if you need a comprehensive collection of PAT testing essentials in a portable folding toolbox.

The set includes over 60 quality items:
  • Digital multimeter
  • IEC female connector to bare ends flex (for replacing faulty flex on appliances)
  • IEC 10A Female to IEC 16A Male adapter cable
  • 13A plug to IEC 10A female lead (for testing 13A extension leads)
  • 13A plug to 2-core adapter
  • 13A plug to European Schuko adapter
  • 6-roll set of insulation tape
  • 110V male plug to IEC 10A female adapter (for testing 110V extension leads)
  • 110V female to 13A plug adapter (for testing 110V appliances and leads)
  • BS4343 16A female to 13A plug adapter (for testing 230V appliances with BS4343 plug)
  • White 13A plug to bare ends flex (for replacing faulty flex on appliances)
  • Black 13A plug to bare ends flex (for replacing faulty flex on appliances)
  • 3m length of 3c flex for appliance repairs
  • 10x velcro cable ties
  • 20x self adhesive metal cable clips
  • Giant earth bond/insulation resistance probe
  • Combination wire stripping & crimping tool with bolt cutter & rethreader function
  • Automatic bootlace ferrule crimping tool
  • Pack of assorted bootlace ferrules (for crimping stranded ends of flexible cables)
  • Pack of assorted heat shrink sleeving
  • 3x replacement moulded flex strain relief fittings
  • Pack of assorted UK plug fuses
  • 20x cable ties
  • 5A round pin to 13A plug adapter
  • cloverleaf to 13A plug adapter
  • IEC 10A to 13A plug adapter
  • IEC 10A to cloverleaf adapter
  • IEC 10A to 2-core adapter
  • 3x 13A plug replacements
  • 2x 13A plug replacements (with handle)
  • 2x tie-wrap label mounting tags
  • 8x set of quality screwdrivers (Phillips, Pozidrive & Flatblade)
  • Replacement crocodile clip for earth bond lead
  • Replacement Probe for earth bond lead
  • Double ended sharpie pen (fine and thick nibs) for writing on labels
  • Short IEC 10A Male-Female lead (use with 13A plug adapter for testing extension leads)
  • CD containing loads of PAT testing information and resources
  • Microwave oven emissions test PASS labels
  • Cablewrap PASS tags
  • Roll of PASS labels
  • Roll of FAIL labels
  • Toolbox reference, flex info and identification label
  • 3c flex sizing tool
  • 2x ready reckoner PAT testing information cards
  • 13A socket polarity test plug
  • Voltage detector stick
  • Keychain multitool with torch function.

Free delivery in the UK. This can be posted overseas, but it is big and heavy so ask for a cost.

All parts are available separately if you need them.