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Printing Kit for Avo Megger PAT4 PAT4DV PAT Testers


Printer lead and instructions to print from AVO Megger PAT4, PAT4DV, PAT4DVF, PAT4DV3, PAT4DVF3.... PAT testers

Print directly from your PAT tester to your printer, no need for a computer. No need for a special dedicated printer.

3 Metre long lead. Very easy use.

Easy to follow instructions. Print professional looking reports direct from the PAT tester....using an ordinary printer. No computer, No software needed.

Works with most printers, must be a parallel type printer (you can tell by the 36 pin 'Centronics' socket, about 50mm long). 'USB only' printers wil need an adapter.

Works great with portable printers, you can print reports on-site and give them straight to your customers.