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Replacement Keyboard For Seaward Primetest 350 & 300 PAT Testers, Powerplus 1557

Parts Only, or Fitted?
Genuine Seaward Part.

Replacement keymat for Primetest 350, Primetest 300, Powerplus 1557

In stock for immediate despatch.

If some of your buttons don't work, or you need to push harder than usual, changing this part should make your Primetest work well again, and look like new!

Seaward upgraded later models to use this keymat because it has soft feel, tactile buttons, that don't break like the original hard buttons. This newer improved part will fit all Primetest 300/350 models.

If you don't fancy fitting it yourself, we can fit for an additional labour charge, which includes the cost of sending your instrument back to you afterwards. Why not get your Primetest or Powerplus calibrated at the same time? we have a special combined price for a new keymat, fitted + calibration service