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Replacement Rechargeable Battery For Fluke SP1000 Printer (6500/6200)


Replacement rechargeable battery four Fluke 6500 mini printer. Equivalent quality and specification as original battery, NiMH with short circuit and overcharge protection.

If your SP1000 printer only works on the mains adapter, or the battery goes flat during the working day, a new battery will restore it to last like new again.

To fit the battery, open the printer case by removing the 4 screws on the base, remove the PCB after removing the 2 screws securing it. The new battery simply plugs in to the PCB after removing the old one.

If you prefer, we can fit the new battery for you, for an extra £30. Send your printer to us and we won't charge postage to return it to you afterwards (include a note with your name and return address).

To pay by card you can call us on 01334 655526, or use PayPal.

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