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Unfused 3-Wire Ultimate Test Leads & Probes Set, Megger etc 17th Edition testers

3-Wire unfused 'ultimate' Test Lead Set, suitable for most 17th edition multifunction testers including Megger, Fluke, Metrel, Martindale etc...

Includes a device to plug all 3 leads together (with or without the probes fitted) and null them out

Includes a magnetic termination device that can be used to attach the earth lead to metal when testing earth bonding.

Includes a test lead pouch to keep the set together, and a velcro wrap to keep the leads tidy.

These leads are supplied by a quality British manufacturer, they are 1000V Cat III, 50KA fault rated.

Suitable as a direct replacement for any test instrument that has 3 x 4mm shrouded banana socket connections, and unfused test leads (we also sell fused test lead sets)

The probes are detachable so that other standard 4mm accessories can be used, the probes have 4mm lantern ends to fit into R2 test adapters.

How to tell if you need new test leads...........
  • If you get high or erratic readings on the continuity test or loop impedance test
  • If you are finding it hard to null / zero the leads
  • If continuity readings change when you flex the leads, particularly where they enter the probe, or the plug at the ends.
  • If you connect the ends of the leads together at the probes or croc clips, then do a continuity test, your meter should read about 0.1 Ohms
  • If you measure the resistance of your leads using a multimeter, they should each be about 0.1 Ohms. The reading should not change when you flex the leads.

In stock for immediate despatch.

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